At de Berg Houten Vloeren on the Bellamystraat 35 in Amsterdam you can buy 100% FSC sustainable oak wooden floors. We are the no. 1 when it comes to sustainability in oak wooden floorings in Amsterdam. This is for straight boards (multiplank vloeren) as well as for oak herringbone floors (visgraatvloeren). Our oak has its origin in sustainable oak forests in Europe, mainly Litouwen, Poland, France and Germany. This oak is maintained in a sustainable way and with the FSC certificate you can be sure to buy a sustainable oak wooden floor. At de Berg Houten Vloeren we specialize in sustainable oak wooden herringbone floors in all sizes and colors. Come to our showroom on the Bellamystraat 35 and see for yourself the sustainable oak floors, in herringbone and in straight boards. We also have sustainable oak chevron floors in all sizes and colors (Hongaarse punt). At de Berg Houten Vloeren in Amsterdam we focus on quality , sustainability and reliability. Our service is very personal and we are only happy when you are happy. We make sure you will have the most beautiful oak herringbone floor there is to see in Amsterdam. We have been installing the most beautiful oak herringbone floors for more than 20 years in Amsterdam and you can read our Google reviews to meet our satisfied customers! So for any type of sustainable oak floors, straight boards, herringbone or chevron, come to de Berg Houten Vloeren in Amsterdam! Make an appointment with Hugo on + 31 6 14443405 to come to the Bellamystraat, the most pittoresk street of Amsterdam!